Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake Resort links fishing RV Parks camping and Central Oregon vacations

Crescent Lake Resort options and places to stay when you need a Crescent Lake Resort or lodging. Fishing and camping as well as outdoor vacations in Central Oregon are fun at Crescent Lake and other popular Central Oregon fishing lakes.

There is a lake in Oregon that's a lot closer to Portland than Crescent Lake and many say the fishing is better than it is at Crescent lake. Lake Simtustus RV Park and Fish Camp is one of Oregon's best kept secrets. With several lakefront RV sites and some of the best Brown Trout fishing, Rainbow trout and Bull Trout (Dolly Varden) trout fishing in the state you should visit Lake Simtustus this year.


Visit Lake Simtustus RV Park website.

Kokanee are popular fish and Kokanee fishing is fun.


Some Lake Simtustus Kokanee. People fish for Kokanee at Crescent lake but many find the Kokanee are more plentiful at Lake Simtustus and often much bigger. Photo above is example of larger Kokanee often caught at Lake Simtustus.

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